Organic Monkey – Making you smile!

At Organic Monkey we focus on Organic Cotton and plant a tree every time we sell our Logo.

We love colors and besides unique embroideries each product has a Organic Monkey Flag Label with a random WTF message such as “let`s dance”, “Be stupid”, “Eat a biscuit” etc. The messages are random and designed to make you smile.

Join Organic Monkey - Discover the best way to express yourself.

Born in Portugal, with a love for colors and respect for the environment, Organic Monkey is on a mission to stand out and make a difference.

Why Organic? Why Monkey? Well, both represent important values. Organic because we respect nature and because we can. Monkey for two reasons;

1. Monkeys are crazy beings yet living in perfect harmony. They don´t care about normality and they never doubt themselves.

2. They are not perfect - nor are we.

Because Organic Monkey is all about values and positive impact, we wanted our logo design - the ORGANIC MONKEY logo to contribute to do good in the world. For 2024, we have chosen to plant a tree for every item sold with our logo. It´s a two fold cause - it symbolizes the birth of a tree, the same way it symbolizes the birth of a brand rooted in helping the community with a smile.

If you are a bit crazy - love a good laugh and share our values, we welcome you to join us at Organic Monkey.

  • Eco-friendly

    We focus on Organic cotton and for each "ORGANIC MONKEY" logo sold, a tree is planted.

  • Random WTF Messages Inside the Label

    Like a fortune cookie - but with style - to pimp your mood!

  • Amazing Quality

    Perfect fittings with a love for color and nature - Organic Monkey uses only the best quality organic cotton and recycled materials.

Without borders...‍

Making a difference with a smile and an out-of-the-box attitude. Organic Monkey is introducing saucy styles, to be worn by people with a positive attitude, who care about the environment, and are not afraid of a challenge.

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