Special Messages to read and draw a smile!

Special Messages to read and draw a smile!

Timeless yet edgy designs for those who are looking for something cheeky or funny yet fashionable to go with their personality. We are not followers - we love a challenge and do it with a smile.

We value our environment, and our clothes are crafted using highest standards. We work only with eco-friendly materials meaning organic cotton and recycled materials.

Our designs are minimalistic. We combine organic materials with embroideries complimented with flag labels with random WTF messages on the inside designed to make you smile. Co-Branding is also an option and many of our clients co-brand with us helping to plant trees. Flip over the flag label and have a look. If you have bought one of our logo items - you have planted a tree.

Alright, that’s all we have to say for now! We’ll keep unveiling some hidden meanings and keep painting this canvas that we like to call Organic Monkey. See ya!

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